DSC_0040 I love this print. It brings me back to IKEA in the 90’s (anyone else feel me on that one?). I can see bedsheets and wire storage bins which have the same effect. Not only do I love the window pane print but I love, love a good window. One of the major selling points of our loft when we first checked it out was the large windows. Living in a multiple dark apartments, and living in dens (for real – during school) I knew that once we owned a place of our own we would 100% have to have a lot of daylight and to my delight – this place has a lot of it.
DSC_0036 I found this skirt (on sale!) at Club Monaco – and immediately fell in love with not just the print but the flow of the silky fabric and the interesting shape. Paired with a simple black merino turtleneck, opaque tights and booties it’s great for injecting a little lightness during this I hate everything and I just want Spring time.
DSC_0039 xx


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