IMG_8176 Our anniversary weekend in Chicago was amazing. Having never been to the city, we tackled a couple of the more touristy items on our list first. There was so much to do in so little time (I always like to factor in a sleep in and a slow breakfast) but I really do think we made the best of it and wanted to share our adventure in case you are planning your own adventure and are considering Chi-town!
We stayed at the Soho House Chicago which was amazing. It was our first time staying at one of their “houses” but I think my favourite part about it was the location. It was located in the Fulton Market District surrounded by neat restaurants and brick buildings – just how I like it. We checked in and were super happy that it immediately felt like home and coincidentally, the House had Fight Night happening that evening.

Not that I’m super into boxing but it was really entertaining to watch. We then made our way to dinner at the Girl and the Goat – it was recommended by friends of ours and didn’t disappoint. Our favourite item on the menu was the calamari on toast with goat cheese (there was goat in every dish in some way). You wouldn’t think that it would sound super delicious but it was!

The next day we went my first, A’s second, Chicago Cubs game – it was quite the place. So old and legendary – different than the field in which the Blue Jays play on. I’m not the biggest baseball fan but it was an experience that I would certainly recommend anyone visiting Chicago.
IMG_8152 That evening after having perhaps one too many at the game we were craving some deep dish pizza and bed. IMG_8180 I had to take a picture of the sign so I would remember the name of the place!
DSC_0007 And then we had leftovers 🙂 It was absolutely awesome pizza, totally unique from what we normally eat but in the best way possible.

Typical Chicago shot. IMG_8170

This was taken from our brunch at Cindy’s Rooftop which, as you can see was an amazing view. This was also as close as we felt we needed to get to the bean. DSC_0029

We did an architecture tour on the river and it was so informative and interesting and beautiful to say the least. So many cool buildings with such history – this is a must to add to your list.  IMG_8195

Cocktails on the patio before our final dinner at the Pump Room in the Gold Coast area (which I can only assume is like the Yorkville of Chicago? Correct me if I’m wrong here.). It was absolutely delicious and I highly recommend it. It was on the higher end for pricing but it was a celebration! We also spotted Jean-Georges in dining room greeting guests which was quite neat.

The city of Chicago was so fun and we can’t wait to go back. We took the time to reminisce on the past 12 months and how they were the best of our lives and wondering how we will ever top them but I have a feeling the adventure that lies before us somehow will, year after year in it’s own way.


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