Notice something new around here?! I finally got around to updating my header with a real live, proper graphic designer – I’d love to hear what you think! A big thanks to Meredith who made it for me. It’s so refreshing to now look at my blog and not have a taste of disdain like I did before for that space.  Oh and on that topic I also finally figured out what needed to happen to my comment section so feel free to leave your thoughts there now and apologies about the delay in getting that in order. Now, onto the fun stuff – the Kentucky Derby!

DSC_0024 I was never really interested in the Derby until I met Andrew. I mean I had heard of it, I knew people wore large hats and bet on horses but it never really interested me. Last year, we were sipping mint juleps on the couch while watching the race and he turned to me and said that he would love to go there one day. Knowing that the Derby always happens on the first weekend of May which was also really close to his birthday combined with the fact and that he had a big birthday coming up the next year (a.k.a his 30th!) we decided right then and there that we would be present at the Derby the following year. I had a couple of friends attend in previous years but they were all male and were on a bachelor party (there are lots of those that happen there) and mentioned that they didn’t buy tickets in the stands but chose the infield since it was more of a party scene. Going with two other couples, that’s where our head was at also however, there were some images floating around on the internet that had me hesitate a little. I mean, I like to party but I’m not really into mud wrestling or beer funnelling (anymore…) and was hoping for a more classy affair. Lets just say I had low expectations. photo 1 Once we arrived at Churchill Downs all of those fears of being a part of some gross party were wiped away immediately and the Kentucky Derby quickly became my favourite sporting event ever. The people watching was so fantastic!!! I had dressed rather conservatively (aside from my hat that I picked up at Lilliput’s in Toronto before leaving) since I didn’t want to ruin anything nice but that was my biggest regret! Ladies were dressed to the nines in fabulous outfits and the men even more so. My hat was totally NOT big enough but I was just so happy being there that it didn’t matter. SO MUCH Lilly Pulitzer and Christian Louboutin’s it was the most fun fashion event I have ever attended. The more outrageous your outfit, the better.

photo 3 ::Please excuse my arm that looks like the hulk and the fact that I’m squinting since I left my sunglasses at home thinking that the sunglasses AND my hat would be “too much” but I have since learned that there is just never such a thing at the Derby::
photo 5 ::The most fab little champagne flutes – genius!::
photo 4 ::Placing bets! I didn’t realize that there were around 10 races leading up to the Derby! We unfortunately didn’t win anything but it was still exciting::
photo 2

::There were come cute parts of Louisville but we all found the city a little scarce in terms of people. It was certainly lively because of the Derby however on the Sunday while searching for brunch it was like EVERYONE was gone and was informed by a local that we may have to hit up a Subway for brunch:: IMG_1059 ::It did have some charm to it though and we loved the Derby so much that we’re going to try and put it into our travel plans next year – and I’ll be sure to be on my game this time and bring a much larger hat!::


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