:: I’m a sucker for tiles but these tiles in the pool were next level, do you see the gold? It shimmered in the sun ::

I’m pretending I’ve never left. I hope that one morning that I will wake up and actually be transported back to Hawaii. It was such an amazing place! We stayed on Maui island and without having been to the other islands and being a little biased, it’s the best. Such great culture, vibes and scenery. I could totally picture myself there. Here are some snaps that I took – mostly of pretty blue things because well, it’s pretty grey here in Toronto and the warmth and colour really did it for me.

DSC_0148 :: A quick stop to catch some surfers in Paia, Maui before our journey on the Road to Hana – you can’t really seem them in this photo, but they are there ::
DSC_0063 :: WHALES! There were while sightings everywhere! From the beach, the breakfast table or in this case, our aerial view from the helicopter tour we took ::
DSC_0052 :: Rainbows – Maui loves their rainbows and I do too ::
DSC_0027 :: A new mag I brought along for the trip. Really into it #realnotretouched ::
DSC_0003 :: More blue, just cause ::
DSC_0022 :: This view actually reminded me of Europe with the flowers ::
DSC_0001 :: I need more palm trees in my life ::
DSC_0154 ::A sweet little spot along the Road to Hana at Coconut Glen’s who serve the most delicious non-dairy ice cream I’ve ever tried::

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