IMG_7408 Continuing with our recent trip to the U.K., we left Edinburgh by train and made our way to Glasgow. We were there for a day and enjoyed a quick visit with family and then embarked the following morning to the Isle of Islay. Before Andrew, I had never heard of this place however since it is where his family is from, he had visited around 20 years ago. I was curious as to what this place was like, it garners a lot of talk from his relatives. We hired a car and drove 2 hours from Glasgow, through Loch Lommand National Park (pictured above and below).
DSC_0173 The cutest little tea and coffee stand. Also, in Scotland they make stuffed rolls which are basically breakfast sandwiches but they are made in the most delicious rolls! We were obsessed and this place made the perfect brekky for the trip.
IMG_7415 Once we reached the ferry, we piled on and it was about 2 hour ride to Islay. IMG_7416 IMG_7422 And we made it! The saying that there is more sheep than people is true – there are sheep and cattle everywhere. It was a welcomed change of speed from being so busy in London and Edinburgh.
DSC_0213 (1) IMG_7431 The quaint little town of Bowmore.  DSC_0251 We aren’t much of whiskey drinkers but when in rome, right? Pleasantly surprised that this distillery also makes the MOST delicious gin. I’ll definitely be sharing more that later. IMG_7427 So it’s not the type of beach where you would be baking in the heat of the sun and jumping into the water (we felt it, it was freezing) but it still provides the same soothing effects that any ocean will. DSC_0244 DSC_0205 More sheep!
DSC_0208 IMG_7424 The adorbale little stoop where we stayed. IMG_7439 We played a round of golf at the Machrie with perhaps the best view we’ve ever played with.
IMG_7535 A simple, but great door – check out the hardware!
IMG_7536 The little town of Port Charlotte.

Leaving Islay to head back to London before we travelled home.


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