It’s already been said, but I love travelling. If not for the foreign currency, new experiences or the shopping than for the memories. It hasn’t yet been a week since we’ve returned from our trip and I’m itching to go on another. Our itinerary had us flying in and out of London (more on London soon!), flew into Edinburgh, trained to Glasgow and drove/rode a ferry to the Isle of Islay. The reason for the Scotland part of the trip was mostly to meet some of A’s extended family members. He had been to Scotland around 20 years ago and when deciding to visit friends in London it was a non-negotiable that we would also be visiting family in Scotland. So first up in our Travel Chapter – Edinburgh!

IMG_7295 We land! We flew Ryan Air from London and since it was such a short flight (only 55 minutes) it was totally fine and very reasonably priced even though the airline has quite the reputation. We were expecting it to be much cooler in Edinburgh than London and it was cooler but totally bearable. There was some slight rain but nothing we weren’t prepared for. Also – I’m surprised I’m sharing this picture as our flight was at 9:00am out of Stansted Airport (which was the worst) and we were severely hung over from a fabulous night out in London with our friends. DSC_0060 We took their tram to our chic little B&B called 94 DR. Every detail of the place was thought over and was such a lovely place to stay – I highly recommend it if you are planning a trip. Paul and John were just the best hosts. Loved this little nook above where A is planning out our day.
DSC_0064 DSC_0061 Our view from the nook onto their back porch. IMG_7365 Oh and their breakfast is beyond. One of the owners was a chef and decided to open up a guest house so he could still cook but not full-time. Every breakfast had a delicious starter and served with the best bread, jam and coffee. Their was a menu you could choose from!
IMG_7366 A trying a traditional Scottish breakfast with Haggis, Black Pudding, Egg and Sausage.
IMG_7369 In the breakfast hall – beautiful bright light and orchids. IMG_7375 94 DR’s lovely floor. IMG_7329

Heading out to explore on our first day! We were exhausted from said night out and went straight to the pub suggested by our hosts and it was delicious! Seriously a concept that Toronto should consider – its called the Scran and Scallie – a delicious gastro pub that catered to families, it had a play room for kids and you could bring your dogs! It was started because most pubs that you were able to bring your kids too just generally sucked and this was a way for the parents to enjoy a proper meal while still being able to bring your children. Even though we haven’t started our family yet, I would imagine that I would very much so appreciate this – even if it was just for dogs! Then we went over to the Raeburn Hotel for another pint (hair of the dog right?) and we were tuckered out and headed home for a proper night’s sleep.

IMG_7374 Some Milk Chocolate Mallows that are apparently big in Scotland that we enjoyed before tucking in. IMG_7320 A sign that I can very much relate to. DSC_0087 The Castle that is situated in the middle of the city. It’s pretty epic and provides a lovely backdrop. This is the view from Princes Street (their main drag).
DSC_0095 DSC_0158 And of course we did the tour. Someone, *cough* A, loves tours of all things. It was rather interesting – the history is incredible. DSC_0154 DSC_0164 King of his castle. DSC_0111 DSC_0149 DSC_0137 Our second day in Edinburgh we did the hop on hop off tour (as I said – he loves tours) and saw some neat things including the Queen’s Palace – she was hosting her annual summer tea party the day after we were leaving. Somehow our invites were lost in the mail I suppose. We did however get to the oldest pub in Scotland – The Sheeps Heid pictured below. Established in 14th Century? That’s just insane. DSC_0133 Another thing that surprised me about Edinburgh was how design savvy a lot of the stores and homes were – there was that old heritage and classic look to them however they were modernized in such a way. It also had this effortless cool factor. It wasn’t forced and it didn’t “try” to be cool but it just was. I loved it!  I also loved their doors – a few of my faves below.
IMG_7385 This is an entry to a restaurant of a chic boutique hotel. Delicious menu as well. IMG_7507 This was a quick iPhone snap from that adorable store I mentioned before – Oliver Bonas. It’s like Anthropologie meets Jonathan Adler and great news – they ship internationally! I totally would have picked up more things if my suitcase would allow it.
IMG_7380 This is a hair salon! What a dream right?
IMG_7358 IMG_7319 IMG_7357

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