Just like you – I was feeling the gloom. Unless you just de-boarded a plane from somewhere nice and sunny and warm – I’m assuming you feel me on this one. BUT we have made it to March – I work up this morning with an extra spring in my step because well it just felt a little different. I’ve been counting down to the time change happening on March 9th since we “fell backward” and am so pumped that it’s almost here.
DSC_0003 This past weekend, Andrew and I went on a little adventure because we were both feeling a little stir crazy and came to realization that if you can’t really beat winter – you have to join it. We drove up to Arrowhead Provincial Park because we read that they had this trail skating that looked so intriguing. Luckily, when we arrived, it was a sunny day however if you go in the evening, the whole trail is lit by tiki torches and could also be a really cool experience.

My stopping skills could really use some practice, but I didn’t fall!

DSC_0050 Oh and we brought wine because well, everything is better with wine right?





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