Hurrah! It’s 2014!

Well okay, for real, it’s been a couple of days now but it really didn’t feel like the beginning of the year until today when I started back at work. It’s been great to see everyone posting how active they are being and how healthy they are eating and I find it quite motivating and I enjoy reading others’ resolutions but if I was being completely honest with you – I’m not making any. I’m more about making goals because they seem to be a little less firm. The great thing about goals is that you can reshape, rework, break and build them and I’m much more happy making goals that I am making resolutions. I’ve heard that they are more likely to happen when written so here is a sneak peek at three goals I will be working towards in 2014:

1. Run my fourth half marathon (this little goal is already in action! Signed up for the GoodLife Half in May. OMG I need to start running)
2. Read more books (started a mini book club and everything. Currently accepting recommendations)
3. Host more dinners (which ultimately means that I will be spending less at restaurants and work on my culinary skills)

So far 2014 has been a cold one but will only make the warmth that much sweeter once we get it, right?


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