My first week back to reality from the holidays has gone over quite smoothly – I’m actually enjoying the moments Stella and I are having at home with our new friends, the Ladies of London (super cheesy but I’m super into them!) and getting our place back in order. It’s always nice to get back to basics and as always, I’m drumming up new visions of our uncompleted rooms in our home (read: every room except the nursery!). This weekend I have a small list of things to do that will help me feel eqaually productive yet relaxed – and a little celebration in the diary (taking some notes from my british friends) to mark another year older. Happy Weekend!

:: This time last week – poolside with super fun floaties! ::

:: A SUPER cute restaurant idea – sand on the floor to give that ultimate beach feeling!::

:: Blue jean baby! The first pair of “denim” for Little Miss Stella ::

:: Family portrait from the trip ::


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