:: My Grams picked these up for me at Nordstrom and they are the best gummi bears I have ever had! Apparently they are actually made with Dom Perignon ::

Thanksgiving weekend has arrived and brought with it the most glorious fall weather! We’ve been lucky this past week, it’s really been a joy and the ultimate mood pick me up from the gray days we were experiencing last week. A and I are hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner for our families in our new home – which will be super fun. I’m mostly excited to set the table (now that we officially have one!) and have everyone over. Our home is still slowly creeping it’s way to be completed but another major milestone will be hit when we finally receive our sofa on Sunday! So excited to share which one we ended up going with.


:: Shout-out to my bro for getting festive at our Oktoberfest themed baby party last weekend! :: img_2676

:: Signs of fall that I’m loving – the city gets so pretty around this time of year ::


:: This STEAL of a dresser we found for our master bedroom. Needs some loving and a stain job but just guess how much I paid for it? You’ll never guess so I’ll have to tell you – $67!!!!! ::


:: Started the week off with a coffee date with Dad while pretending I’m still in France ::


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