Another hectic weeks in the books. I know how everyone talks about how “busy” they are and it gets really annoying when you ask how someone is doing and that’s their response but will it slow down? Considering we have a baby on the way I’m going to go with no, it doesn’t and I just need to adjust to the new norm. This weekend our friends and family are throwing us a co-ed baby party – it will be so nice to see people who we haven’t seen in a while and just overall celebrate this little life milestone we’re about to hit. Each evening we have alone to ourselves I think to myself, these are limited!!!! I hope you have a great weekend!

img_2578 :: The ceremony setting at my best friend’s wedding last weekend ::

img_2558 :: Wedding flowers! ::


:: Visiting a cute local flower shop, Leaf and Bloom ::


:: Sourcing tiles, may be the best part of our job ::


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