Phew! It’s Fri-yay and I know I’m not the only one celebrating. These past few weeks have been busy to say the least and we’re finally feeling more “at home”. Yesterday evening as I was preparing this post, I was thinking to myself, shit, I don’t have any pretty photos to share of my week and then I was like welp, that’s reality so instead I did a quick tour this AM of our new space and figured I would share what I’m loving thus far. I hate to be “all about the house” (reminder to myself – stop using air quotes!) but they do tend to take over your life especially when you’re more of the DIY type person versus hiring people (lets clarify, I’m totally the type to hire people when necessary but it’s also sometimes great to challenge yourself sometimes, yah?). So tonight, Andrew and I are having a date night which feels like we haven’t had in EVER and it’s a casual one starting with dinner and then a Blue Jays game! Hope you have a good weekend in store, friends.


:: Hair-tie dish from Andrew’s granny¬†::


:: We have a porch people! And a fern! This makes me very happy except, I need to remove those little dead parts ::


:: We’re usually out of town for this festival and I’m super happy to be finally checking it out this weekend ::


:: Paint contenders for the nursery! ::


:: OK this is a life changer – a King sized bed. Andrew and I have spent the majority of our relationship in a double bed and now, we have so much space it’s insane. Please ignore the coverless duvet ::




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