:: Typical Monday night din din, paired with the Bachelorette (which I’m actually loathing this season but have committed until the end – actually have you started watching UnREAL on Shomi? It’s basically a behind the scenes drama of the Bachelor series and it’s WAY better ::

This week was an interesting one on many levels for me – 24 weeks (a.k.a 6 months pregnant) a couple of things have hit home. Feeling unprepared (mentally and physically!) for this baby is slightly an understatement at this point. I’m dying to start making purchases for her nursery and her wardrobe yet it doesn’t make much sense when we’re packing up the place. I’ve also noticed some other changes – like how long I can stay standing for at a party before needing a seat ha! On the work front opportunities are arising at a steady pace and Laura and I are pleased as clams. I hope to spend some time both indoors and out this weekend to balance the heavy heat (which I love). Hope you have a good one!


:: So into dark marble these days – this is gearing a bit 80’s but I was digging it for the mo ::


:: Laura demonstrates a fun way to fill a non-working fireplace at her apartment ::


:: A cool orb like light at EQ3 ::


:: Berry obsessed ::


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