It’s Fri-yay and I’m happy about it! Also, did you get fooled by anyone this morning? I love a good April Fool’s joke yet no one played one on me and I was out of any fun and creative ideas. It’s April though, crazy right?

Following our rainy and dreary day yesterday (bringing a super cool thunderstorm!) we are greeted with warmer weather and a wee bit of sunshine I’m feeling good about heading into the weekend. Can you tell that my mood is typically dictated by the weather? Hope you have a good one.


:: Pretty Hydrangeas ::


:: Paint samples at Client Urban Treehouse ::


:: Some bright and pretty covers of some current mags ::


:: The most perfect wedding invite to our friends wedding in the fall ::


:: FINALLY tried the cereal soft-serve. Verdict, it wasn’t mind blowing but it was good! ::


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