This week has really shown it’s best in regards to the weather. Double digits and I even bared my legs one day (it may have been a little early and I may have had to switch to pants closer to the evening but regardless, it felt great!) This weekend we are starting to consider which project to tackle in our home first for our first-ever mini home reno – exciting stuff! I’ll be sure to keep you a breast of what’s to come – enjoy your weekend!

DSC_0003 Getting a little British up in here with the framed Corgie in anticipation for our coming trip in June.
DSC_0005 Some new necklaces from Stella&Dot – especially love the initials bar and it literally shipped within two days
DSC_0004 Saying goodbye to this old friend. It’s been around since second year University and I’m excited for using a new Macbook that won’t lead me to rage when having more than one window open – it’s been a gem while it’s lasted and in all honesty – I prefer the white to any of the other macbook colours.

DSC_0003 I’m normally a lover of the classic colouring for the Panama Hat however this blue one caught my eye.

DSC_0005 “Borrowing” some records from the rents. I still need to get a turn table and oddly enough – today is Record Store Day! Get out there and support your local shops.


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