Another beautifully weathered week has gone by in September. I’m solo this weekend with A going on a bachelor party but I’m making the best of it by spending some quality girl time with some of my faves. I’ll also be checking out the TURF festival here in the city – see you there?
Womens Look 1 // Hopefully this will be me, next Spring. My favourite look that I saw (there’s so much coming out of NYFW it’s hard to keep up!) from J.Crew SS16 //
// Bringing out the loafers – bare ankle season, my fave! //
IMG_8078 // Made a pit stop in the adorable shop Crown Flora //
// Concord grapes – my favourite of the fall harvest! //
// Sometimes during the week, I miss office life, office wives and office drama (haha!) but then I take a look and quickly remind myself that it’s also nice to work from home //



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