It’s amazing how it feels like we have been moved for a while now yet I feel as though we’ve gotten no where in the final details of our place. Sure, we’ve made a couple of purchases but we are still missing some major key elements – like a rug! At the beginning, I knew it would take time because I wanted to acquire pieces that were unique and not just filling the spot but somehow now, all of that understanding has gone to the wayside. Life has been busy as I’ve started the search for my dress and visiting friends (read: wine touring) but I’m happy that I have a weekend coming up with little plans other than a concert with Andrew and some DIY time. It’s going to take a while before I get there but we have made some progress by adding life to our living room and light to our den.


This fiddle-leaf fig is my latest love in our place – I’ve yet to find a plant pot that I like (and am open to suggestions!) so right now it’s sitting in an old storage basket. Our old place never had any daylight, (the worst!) so it’s nice to have something living and stay alive, feels good.


Unfortunately, there is one dark spot in our place and that’s our den. We’re still figuring out the lighting and I’m hoping to paint our desk white – but this work lamp from IKEA helps shed light while looking like a saucy minx. White, gold and black and white cord perfection!

Hopefully I can show more progress soon. I’m looking to tackle a gallery wall, chalkboard door (again) and apply some some wallpaper to my stark white bathroom – wish me lucky


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