We have been in our home for three weeks now and I’m feeling that we should be wayyyyyy further along than we are but that’s just a side note. It’s amazing how much I underestimated how much we used our previous couch. WAY underestimated that one. When we knew we were moving, and essentially downsizing our living room space, we knew our massive modern sectional was going to go have to go. So instead of jamming it into our small space until we found a new one, I smartly suggested that we sell it from our other place and wait until we have our new one to bring in.

Well, I also totally underestimated how long I would take to decide on a sofa! It was a SUCH a big decision as it totally dictates your design direction. I wanted to stay away from a white or gray sofa as we just had a white leather one (which we loved and was super easy to clean!) but I wanted our sofa to make more of an impact. Taking a note from Emily Henderson’s #1 design tip and not buying a basic sofa we started our search. If you are searching for a sofa, I highly recommend you read that post – it’s so great and take a look at some of the fugly sofas she shares. YET The fact that it wasn’t a basic sofa was what was making the decision all the more difficult.


  1. Gold Velvet Sofa // 2. Black Velvet Sofa // 3. Rust Velvet Sofa // 4. Camel Leather Sofa  // 5. Hamilton Leather Sofa // 6. Breda Leather Sofa

The first decision was deciding on fabric and then secondly on the colour. Clearly from what I’ve pulled for this post – we were trying to stick around neutral territory. We were tossing and turning between the two fabrics and Andrew did have some requirements including being able to lie down on it (to which I would like to say that’s what beds are for, but we’re compromising on things here). Anyways, we finally made a decision and it’s being prepared for shipping this Friday THANK THE LORD!! I can’t wait to share which one we chose and I can’t wait even more to crash on it after a long day.


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