I wouldn’t say that I’m a “tech expert” by any means but I do catch myself almost daily professing my love for my phone and the convenience factor that it provides. It sounds almost silly but I just find it amazing what it can do! This isn’t really a topic I usually cover here on my blog felt the need to share in case any of these apps ease your daily life routine as they have for mine. Here are a couple of apps that I’m using and loving (other than Uber because that’s just old news and obvious):

DSC_0050 :: No, I do not have 424 unread e-mails – people see this and freak out all the time! You’ll see that I’m using the Inbox app and should really just delete this guy ::

1 – Zara App – The ease of viewing and purchasing from their app is simply fantastic. It’s not so great for the wallet but if buying before trying is not your thing – it’s still helpful! They have an awesome feature that allows you to look up in-store availability which provides you with the closest location which carries the product you are looking for in your size. Not travelling around the city searching for an item? I’m onboard.

2 – GreenP – Okay, this app is less chic but it’s still amazing! Those Green P machines are the slowest when it comes to paying with credit card and there is that extra minute spent going back to your car to show your receipt (champagne problems, right?). This app takes $20 from your credit card to start an account and you use that account to purchase time for parking. The set up was easy as pie and not annoying as most can get. Feels like Toronto is growing up!

3 – Ritual App – Food service at it’s best. Ordering and paying before you even arrive at the restaurant/cafe is next level. At first I was a skeptic as to how handy this would actually be, but when you breeze into a cafe to grab your latte that is waiting for you feels pretty boss. It’s currently being offered in select downtown areas – check here for more info.

4 – Snapchat – So I’m totally late to the party on this one but I’m getting into it. I’m very slowly using it more and more but it’s fun to watch other people’s stories! I’m just having a hard time to document EVERYTHING online… I mean is there no¬†privacy anymore? I guess we are choosing to upload this stuff right?

5 – Inbox by Gmail – I used their older mail app but this updated version is much more streamlined and easy to use. It took me a little while to get used to (like any new app, really) but now that I have the hang of it – I’m super into it. Great reminder feature and I like how with one swipe right, the note is “removed” from sight not fully deleted for those accidental swipes. I wish I could reference some witty Tinder joke but having been with A for almost 11 years – I’ve missed the whole digital dating age.

Are you using apps that you love and live by? Share with me! I


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