Soooooo I remember reading things or overhearing moms say how their new role as a mom has taken over their style and the function of an outfit was more of a priority than appearance. Yah, I was totally that girl who said in my mind, that will not be me – “I will become a mother and still get dressed every morning!”. Yes, I do get dressed every morning but lets just say I’m much more casual and function does come to mind a lot more than I thought it would. My current uniform for Spring is pants (can’t wait until short weather is here – so close!), long sleeve tee or sweater and a jacket, flats (most likely runners). The good thing about this uniform is that I’m getting a lot of use out of my everyday basics. I feel like I’m actually wearing a lot of the clothing I already owned versus searching for new ones!

Everything in this pics is old (other than my sneaks which I LOVE) so I won’t bother linking but DO want to share that I’m super happy with my stroller – I was kinda sad I didn’t go for the Bugaboo since I do find it slightly chicer but this UppaBaby has really worked for me and I’ve taken it EVERYWHERE! I literally love how the car seat just clips in and out of the stroller with ease (super important when Stella is coming to work with me) and the basket underneath holds a TON (a box of wine even fits in there).