Interior Inspiration // Let the light in


Well hello there! I hope you had a nice long weekend and perhaps you are enjoying the final day of Easter today. Last week was a doozy for me – feeling blue would be putting it lightly! Feeling under the weather and the lack of sunshine was a real bummer yet Saturday thankfully brought some sunshine for the weekend and it felt so nice and lively to be out and about. A and I had a super relaxing weekend, perhaps one of the most relaxing that I can remember having which was really nice. Back to gray days today however there’s sun in the forecast for the remainder of the week which has my head up ūüôā Oh and this place – check this home out. It’s incredible. I love the neutral palette, the design as well as their many treasures from their travels. To read more about this couple (I want to befriend this girl) click here.¬† FJXF0002 FJXF0055 FJXF0035 FJXF0106_1 FJXF0101 FJXF0346 FJXF0129 FJXF0527 FJXF0118 FJXF0312 FJXF0278 FJXF0337 FJXF0136 FJXF0170 FJXF0156 FJXF0239 FJXF0215 FJXF0179 Completely obsessed.

Images via Apartment Therapy // Photography by Emily Billings // Design by Melissa Miranda


DIY // Petite Pots

DSC_0035 When it comes to completing a space, a plant is a must. It doesn’t have to be huge, the smallest amount of greenery does wonders for even small spaces like an office or bathroom. So when out shopping for clients I’m always drawn to vessels for plant life.¬†During a recent shopping mission, Laura and I saw some really cute pottery however the price tag was a little heavier than we would like so we figured, why not make them ourselves! It seemed simple enough and it was.
DSC_0001 Items required:

  • Small Pots (we found ours at Dollarama!)
  • Acrylic Paint (varying colours but don’t forget you can create some colours as well)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Small succulents

DSC_0006 It was really as simple as finding some inspiration for a design and painting away! We looked at others made on Etsy and various home retailers.¬† DSC_0007 DSC_0008 DSC_0009 We painted the interior of the pots so that it wouldn’t be visibly different at first glance.
DSC_0016 DSC_0023 DSC_0031 Simply place the succulents in the pots and tada! Some cute decor to add to your space (or as a cute little gift for your bestie). I went pretty simple with my painting (I loved the navy so much I didn’t want to touch it!) but the options are endless. DSC_0028


Planting a plant


This may seem really basic if you’re someone that has a green thumb but I learned something when I was transferring my plant into a new pot and thought to myself – I never knew that! Do other people know that?

I visited my local florist, Crown Flora to pick out a pot for my little plant. I had never been to their store before and had been following them for a while on Instagram¬†and was just dying to see what their space was like. It was as white, bright and cute as I imagined and had lots of great pot options. I had picked up my plant from IKEA a while back and although it is probably not the best place to be purchasing your plants I didn’t want to risk killing an expensive one. I do have two fiddle fig plants that are now thriving after being on the verge of death!¬† Succulent So after picking up my plant, and finding a pot that I liked I thought I was set to go! Just chatting with the lady at the store, I thought I should check if there’s a step that I’m missing or if its as simple as plopping the plant from one pot to another.¬† DSC_0008 Well good thing I asked! The pot that I had chosen, didn’t have any holes at the bottom for ventilation and therefore if I overwatered the plant (which embarrassingly enough, I have done), it could sit and rot in water of the pot and inevitably die. So she suggested I pick up some rocks to create an area at the bottom of my pot where the water can sit and the plant can drink up if needed.¬† DSC_0011

So once you’ve created a little layer of rocks it is now as easy as plopping the plant from one pot to the other. DSC_0013 DSC_0017 And there we have it – my little plant is finally out of the ugly plastic pot it came in and looking pretty. I followed the direction on the sticker for the dimensions of the plant’s new home and it looks a bit small but hoping that it survives!



Did you watch the Oscars last night? There were some great dresses, jewels and speeches and even though I’m not normally a *huge* fan of awards shows, I felt that this year more than previous they were more interesting. Loving the fact that they got rid of the mani-cam and props to the ladies who encouraged the motion behind #askhermore. This weekend was a snowy one and Andrew and I attempted a mini-marathon of best picture films. Below are a couple snacks of things that made me happy over the past week.

DSC_0013  :: Some new fringe to add to the new wardrobe! ::
DSC_2005 :: A simple yet tasty pasta – rigatoni with roasted garlic, tomatoes and capers with pesto ::

:: A new leaf in on my fiddle fig plant – I thought this guy was a goner, happy it’s going to be around a little while longer ::

DSC_0005 :: Some double date night details {Earrings + Camisole} :

DSC_0012 :: Bringing back the crepes into our Sunday brunch schedule ::


The homestead lately

It’s amazing how it feels like we have been moved for a while now yet I feel as though we’ve gotten no where in the final details of our place. Sure, we’ve made a couple of purchases but we are still missing some major key elements – like a rug! At the beginning, I knew it would take time because I wanted to acquire pieces that were unique and not just filling the spot but somehow now, all of that understanding has gone to the wayside. Life has been busy as I’ve started the search for my dress and visiting friends (read: wine touring) but I’m happy that I have a weekend coming up with little plans other than a concert with Andrew and some DIY time. It’s going to take a while before I get there but we have made some progress by adding life to our living room and light to our den.


This fiddle-leaf fig is my latest love in our place – I’ve yet to find a plant pot that I like (and am open to suggestions!) so right now it’s sitting in an old storage basket. Our old place never had any daylight, (the worst!) so it’s nice to have something living and stay alive, feels good.


Unfortunately, there is one dark spot in our place and that’s our den. We’re still figuring out the lighting and I’m hoping to paint our desk white – but this work lamp from IKEA helps shed light while looking like a saucy minx. White, gold and black and white cord perfection!

Hopefully I can show more progress soon. I’m looking to tackle a gallery wall, chalkboard door (again) and apply some some wallpaper to my stark white bathroom – wish me lucky