Family LOVE in Photos

Clearly, I’m a big fan of photos. I love how they can capture, time, emotion and evoke fond memories and feelings (as well as your hilarious awkward stage as a pre-teen and all those hairstyles you would like to forget). There have been many times when I thank the sweet lord Jesus that smart phones (cellphones even, for that matter) were around. Could not have handled all of that documented. Even though everyone now has a camera at the ready, how often do you take proper family photos? Like non-selfie ones (not that there’s anything wrong with those). In light of yesterday being Valentine’s Day, and celebrating all forms of love – I wanted to share some family pictures we took with the amazing Barb from Tara McMullen Photography. Over the holidays, my brother and sister-in-law were in town from Australia and as you can imagine, it doesn’t happen every year so it was a celebration of family indeed. Also, my grandmother (who was more of a mother figure for my family growing up) was turning another year older so what better time than to capture our currently growing family.

Girl power! Some strong, supportive women in my life with the newest addition, baby Stella.

My ladies and my leaders.

The Aussies! Brought along a little joey.

First family portrait!

The gang. xx

Travel Chapter // Baby Moon en Paris!

Travel is at the top of my list of favourites in life. I’m not sure what else can be so fulfilling and it’s best alongside my partner in crime, A. I’d be lying if I said I’m not concerned that our travel-filled life will be changing dramatically with our plus one and how parents tell me to not even bother with it. It’s too much work. I’ll be the judge of that, I say! (I’m sure I’ll look back on this months into motherhood and be like yes, don’t bother) but for now I rest my rose-coloured glasses on my eyes. We did have quite the special trip to cap off our “traveling before babies” which brought us to Paris for a couple nights solo and then a wonderful gathering of friends in a villa in the South of France for a week.


A being the best guy in the world that he is, had a little surprise for me which he shared with me as we were having lunch before jetting off to Paris. He knows that I love photos, and he happily obliges to take many of me, and takes his role of Instagram Husband seriously but it’s always a shame that typically the photos of the two of us are selfies like the one above. Sometimes its cute and other times I just wish I brought my tri-pod for my cam (I’m sorry, I refuse to use the selfie-stick). SO, he found a photographer and scheduled a session to capture this moment in time, me pregnant and our time together in Paris. He was a little nervous because he also knows I’m a little picky with pictures and since we weren’t able to bring our fave photographers (Tara and Barb from our wedding!) we didn’t really know who we would be dealing with.


The best part about the whole deal? We didn’t have to buy the pictures if we hated them so it seemed like a win/win! There were some times where she (the photographer) would suggest some corny, cringe-worthy poses so we simple shared that we were hoping for some more natural looking poses. I was so happy that he planned this, it’s so nice to look back at them already and I know I’ll cherish them and our trip in the future. I’m already trying to scheme my way back to Paris though, I LOVED it, obviously. I also need to update a couple chapters of travel including the most amazing time in Morocco!

anma1608051000-everphotoshoot-118 anma1608051000-everphotoshoot-17 anma1608051000-everphotoshoot-100 anma1608051000-everphotoshoot-126


The Best Day

ceremony-004 There’s so many things to be excited about today! The first official day of Fall, the first day of school (I never thought I would be going back!) and A and I are nearing our first wedding anniversary! It feels a bit funny to be starting back at 1 after almost 11 years together as a couple. I’m presently trying to remember what I was doing this day last year and I believe it was my last day of work and I was attempting to get multiple things done for our guests who would be arriving shortly.

Sounds a bit cliche but when Andrew and I tied to knot, we had the best day of our lives! In all honesty, I didn’t looooove the process leading up. I was a bit stressed at times, so many choices to make, a lot of people’s differing opinions and there’s a whole set of key learnings involved that I feel like could make up a completely other blog post. I am however ALL about the day. The day! The day before the wedding, at the rehearsal, I threw all caution to the wind and tried to be as present as possible in the moment.

Since A and I are taking a trip down memory lane this weekend in celebration, I figured it was a good time to share some pictures since I hadn’t shared them on the blog yet! (!!!!)
kelly-013 The Theme: Andrew was super easy going and not too particular about the “look” or “feel” of our wedding – he just simply expressed that he wanted to look like James Bond, and I believe he looked even better than that! I on the other hand had a couple of ideas. As you have learned, I love black and white and so that was present in everything from our stationary to our table runner and even our floral (hello anemones!). Also, as you can tell from the following images that I love gold so that was a lot a large part of our day as well. kelly-011 The Accessories: I’m not normally a practical person when it comes to clothing/accessory purchases but for my shoes, I knew I wanted a pair that would suit the day of as well a date night afterwards. A lot of “bridal” shoes were a lot more delicate and more of a one-time wear and I was super happy when I spotted these by Loeffler Randall. They were way cooler than your average bridal shoe and totally saw myself wearing them again. You best believe I am packing them into my suitcase when we head to Chicago to celebrate this weekend. I was super lucky to have many things “borrowed” from ladies in my life. My mother-in-law lent me a gold bangle to wear the day of and my Grams had given me this lovely vintage beaded clutch that fit just perfectly. Oh and the phone case from Kate Spade was just too cute to not have when getting hitched.
kelly-062 details-001

The Venue: Once we saw Graydon Hall, we knew it. We just loved how classy and pretty it was – it was always as if we didn’t need to decorate it at all (but we did). It held just the right amount of people, fit our amazing band and was still in the city! details-028 The Flowers: I could not have been more happy with florals and garlands that Lisa from Sweet Woodruff made for us. They were exactly what I was envisioning and I wish I could have a replication of my bouquet for the rest of me life.  details-007 details-019

portraits-002 My James Bond a.k.a Andrew, a.k.a my husband! portraits-076 The happiest.
portraits-122 I just LOVE the lighting and greenery in this one. Our venue was beautiful but this was a little book that our photographer Barb found. ceremony-018

Heading down!
portraits-030 portraits-072 The best wedding party ever – wish I could have all these people with us at all times.
ceremony-100 We did it! So happy and in love. Honestly, for any brides to be – this is actually the best moment ever. Try and savour it as long as humanly possible.
dancing-017 Party Time!


dancing-100 dancing-080

The best part about this post was that I was and am still smiling from all of the amazing memories made. It was just the best day ever and I can’t wait to take the time this weekend to go over all the feelings with my husband (still kinda weird to say!) this weekend.


All images by Tara McMullen – #shotbybarb

Wise Lessons from Granny

Life is short – we know this and are told time and time again yet until someone really close to you passes do you ever really fully comprehend just how quickly life can take a turn. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I shared the recent passing my Granny. She was such a joy to be around. I remember her laughing, always laughing and in good spirits. Her nickname for me was Miss Hollywood (since apparently I loved the spotlight as a young girl) and I always enjoyed that nickname (who wouldn’t!). She lived a great, full life and was surrounded by family as she went however I miss her already. She taught me many things throughout my life and this past weekend was spent reminiscing about her. I figured I would share the top 5 nuggets of wisdom that I will surely pass down to my children one day:

  1. Cashmere is always a good investment.
  2. Travel is more worth it than that new piece of clothing.
  3. You can do anything with confidence.
  4. Spend money on good champagne.
  5. Laughing is good for the soul.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 1.38.12 PM

Chic Granny.


A board that was full of fabulous pictures in memory of her along with a lottery ticket because you can’t win if you don’t play.

IMG_0263 (1)

This was a gift from my cousin to my aunt (the canvas) that was appropriately on display with a bottle of her favourite liqueur. She always liked a little something sweet after dinner.



DSC_0040 I love this print. It brings me back to IKEA in the 90’s (anyone else feel me on that one?). I can see bedsheets and wire storage bins which have the same effect. Not only do I love the window pane print but I love, love a good window. One of the major selling points of our loft when we first checked it out was the large windows. Living in a multiple dark apartments, and living in dens (for real – during school) I knew that once we owned a place of our own we would 100% have to have a lot of daylight and to my delight – this place has a lot of it.
DSC_0036 I found this skirt (on sale!) at Club Monaco – and immediately fell in love with not just the print but the flow of the silky fabric and the interesting shape. Paired with a simple black merino turtleneck, opaque tights and booties it’s great for injecting a little lightness during this I hate everything and I just want Spring time.
DSC_0039 xx


Love Day


It’s almost Valentine’s Day! This year more than ever will be super special because my best friend is getting married on Valentine’s Day. For some, this holiday is silly and pointless and for others it’s a time of year to show your love and affection to your partner in life. Whether you exchange gifts or not, I’m sure your love bug wouldn’t mind if you surprised them with something sweet.

Gifts for Him: 

1. iPhone case // 2. Shirt // 3. Heart Printed Boxers // 4. Floral Tie // 5. Whisky Stones // 6. FM Radio // 7. Key Fob // 8. Watch // 9. Vintage Chess Set

Gifts for Her:

1. Pearl Pen // 2. Cute coin purse 3. Coin Necklace (psst…did you know that Indigo is sharing Jenny Bird pieces online?!) // 4. Jewelry Stand  // 5. Sheer lip // 6. Eye Mask // 7. Pretty little panties // 8. Monogrammed Pinky Signet // 9. Lip Balm


Love is in the air!

I think it’s exactly around this time of year that the winter blues really do set in. Spring clothing is in the window yet cities (sorry NYC!) are being shut down due to the snow and it’s a bit of an icky period for all. Well, friend and fellow holiday aficionado, Ashley Bartlett of decided that it was high time we sat down, caught up (because texting doesn’t really count) and shared a sweet treat while celebrating Valentine’s Day! Neither of us take the holiday too seriously as we are both believers that it’s meant to be light and fun. Sugar, flowers and sentiments of love will brighten any grey winter day, surely.
heart day 1

Ashley whipped up the icing for our miniature heart-shaped cakes.  heart day 2

Conversation cookies from Colette Grand Cafe. Hot Tip – their croissants are also one of the best in the city. I like to call myself a croissant expert (I’ll share a post on that soon!)

heart day 3 Our adorable cake that we made…not shown are the missteps along the way but we were overall happy with the end result.

heart day 4 Since we wanted to set our table in such a way – we added some adornments and flowers to really set the mood.

heart day 5

Added a little Veuve, because well hey – it’s the weekend!

heart day 6 heart day 7 heart day Love Paperweight, Marble Heart Shaped Box and Heart Lock Paperweight- West Elm

Heart shaped plates – Williams – Sonoma 

Tea Cups and Pot – Indigo

Florals by – Midge Flower Designs


Just married!

Screen shot 2014-09-29 at 7.43.19 PM Well, we just tied the knot!

Apologies for the delay on the old blog here, but I’ve been a little busy.

We’re off to Bali for our honeymoon but I plan to come back to immediately following. Please do follow along on Instagram.


Lookbook Love

Leather has always been a part of my wardrobe. I remember the first pair of leather pants I ever owned were given to me on my sweet-sixteen birthday. I thought I was so cool and the pants were really cool. If only I still fit into them. I tried googling the Gap ads to give you a point of reference but this was so long ago that nothing was to be found online. Needless to say, I’ve always been very fond of leather and it randomly brings back memories of my family – we all owned leather jackets and Danier was our go-to place for the purchase. You just knew that you were getting a good grade of leather and at this point, they didn’t have too many trendy pieces so they were fairly priced. In the past I’ve made some great purchases from Danier and people were often surprised that the find was made there. Well, recently they launched their Spring Lookbook and it’s nothing short of fabulous. They pair some pieces that I honestly wouldn’t have put together and make them look so great that I actually want to purchase them all. Case and point below – I’ve pulled my favourite looks – seriously?



Images via


Love Bug

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that some people loathe and some like it hot!

If you are single, it may be not the most exciting time of year however I remember when I was single it wasn’t sad or depressing, and it really wasn’t even about the romance of it all – it was just another reason to make a themed cocktail and wear pink and red. It’s a totally commercially driven holiday but why resist when you can enjoy chocolate and surround yourself with adorable things? I’ve been bitten by the Valentine’s Day bug already, early – I know, but I’ve just come across way too many cute things not to share – you can pick up an item for your mom, bestie, special someone or even yourself!
Love Bug
1. Sydney Even Love Ring – So this little gem is a bigger ticket item but people have knock’d this ring off left, right and centre so you will be sure to find it somewhere for less
2. Cosmetic Heart Pouch – Everyone needs a comesmetic pouch for their purse and this one is almost too cute not to own
3. Chillin’ Valentines – Go old school with this awesome Valentines pack – perfect to satisfy your inner child.
4. BKR Waterbottle – Yogi in your life? They need this water bottle and be sure to check out the other cute goodies at the ShopByMonika online store
5. Sugar Paper x J.crew Letterpress Heart Note Set – Penning notes this love day? This stationary is simple enough to take you beyond the holidays and perfect to send to anyone you heart
6. Mini-Hearts Mug – Love your coffee a little more by surrounding it with mini hearts
7. Be Mine Pendant – Simple, pretty and chic
8. Cross My Heart Bobbi – The perfect accessory for Valentine’s Day and works with your hair up or down
9. Heart d’Orsay Flats – These top my wish list at the moment – I just love ’em!

Make your moves love bugs! It will be V Day before you know it.