In the Home // Iron and Glass

It’s fun to daydream right? Even though Andrew and I are working on multiple different spaces within our home at the moment (the exact thing I said I wouldn’t be doing when we moved in), I’m dreaming of elements that aren’t even possible in our home. Which is clearly, really productive.

Crazy, right? Are you watching The Handmaid’s Tale? It’s so good – AND if you are watching that show, I’m sure you’ve noticed a couple friendly locations including our fine city of Toronto. I have, however become obsessed with the set of the Commander’s home which is located in Hamilton, ON. The reason being? Aside from it’s beautiful exterior and sheer size, it’s the kitchen and dining area that’s got me. I’ve always been fond of iron and glass doors in a home and I have them envisioned into our next one. I love how much natural light they provide and when used in the interior of a home can provide separation with space without a wall. Initially, I was thinking that we would never be able to have iron and glass doors living in Canada – imagine the insulation issues or just freezing in the winter time? So I’m envisions using it indoors, most likely in the kitchen.


Interior Inspiration // The Mix

I’m back! Apologies for the delay but as I’ve already shared, we received our little bundle of joy a little sooner than expected and it feels like it’s been a little game of survival and life catch up since then. I’m now aiming to be back to semi-regular programming.

I’ve never spent more time in my home. I mean, we’ve only technically been in our space for three months but I’ve physically never been “at home” for this length of time and it’s a real eye opener! Even though I semi-work from home, I’m also always out shopping (love!) or meeting with people or even just eating out more so that’s one little life adjustment I’m working on. I’m enjoying it but it’s also making me want to work on our home ten fold. People always mention “nesting” before giving birth and I attempted to but with work and focusing on the nursery, not much of the rest of the home has been touched and now I’m spinning in my head visions and ideas and it’s driving me mad not being able to execute! I promised myself that when moving into our home that I would focus on room by room and not just do little pieces of a room at a time which has also been a real test of patience. For the short term, I’ll be day dreaming but there’s no shortage of inspiration online and I found a new website that I can’t stop scrolling through. The Socialite Family – a sample of smart and cool families (such a good subtitle right?!). When working with clients, or chatting with friends, I hear all too often that people are afraid to spend money on their homes while having children. “They’ll swing from the chandelier! They’ll tear that shelving unit down!” are things I’ve actually heard so when I come across a family that have a child AND a stylish interior, I’m in love. I came across this uber cool family from nowhere other than Paris with an amazing Haussmann apartment and loved their eclectic mix. Velvet furnishing including dining room chairs, brass, prints, interior mouldings galore (no surprise here, being in Paris), records and a sweet little 2 year-old. Scroll down for some major mix inspo!



sf_livingroom4 sf_livingroom3 sf_diningroom sf_livingroom7 sf_livingroom6 sf_diningroom2
sf_diningroom4 sf_livingroom5

all images via The Socialite Family.


This Week


:: My Grams picked these up for me at Nordstrom and they are the best gummi bears I have ever had! Apparently they are actually made with Dom Perignon ::

Thanksgiving weekend has arrived and brought with it the most glorious fall weather! We’ve been lucky this past week, it’s really been a joy and the ultimate mood pick me up from the gray days we were experiencing last week. A and I are hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner for our families in our new home – which will be super fun. I’m mostly excited to set the table (now that we officially have one!) and have everyone over. Our home is still slowly creeping it’s way to be completed but another major milestone will be hit when we finally receive our sofa on Sunday! So excited to share which one we ended up going with.


:: Shout-out to my bro for getting festive at our Oktoberfest themed baby party last weekend! :: img_2676

:: Signs of fall that I’m loving – the city gets so pretty around this time of year ::


:: This STEAL of a dresser we found for our master bedroom. Needs some loving and a stain job but just guess how much I paid for it? You’ll never guess so I’ll have to tell you – $67!!!!! ::


:: Started the week off with a coffee date with Dad while pretending I’m still in France ::


Before and After // Master Bedroom

We’ve been in our new home a month now and I’m still sharing pictures of our old place. As much as I love being a homeowner there are still things that I miss about living in a building. Little things that I never thought I would miss but mostly I’m missing living in a space that was complete and functioning with our needs (still living out of a suitcase here!).

It’s funny how long that takes once you move in. Unless you are moving into a new build and one which you are a part of in regards to the design, it’s rare that you’re completely set up for your needs and it’s even more rare that you find a home with enough closet space! This is always a big one for us because (ahem) I tend to have a lot of clothing.



Now that we’re sleeping in a king-sized bed, this double just looks tiny! I remember moving into our loft and really having no clue what to do with this dresser and it lived in the awkward spot it’s currently in for a little while now. The mess on top of the dresser with my jewels etc makes me cringe! As well as the lost little corner in the back.


The accent wall was left from the previous owners and so I knew that I wanted to get rid of that and create a semi-custom closet for our things that will help disguise some of our stuff and leave us with a clean look.



img_0683 Ahhhh that’s better! We clearly painted over the accent wall and brightened up the space by painting it white. I added those pendant lights (sold out now but were found at Urban Outfitters) to leave more space on our little nightstands. The room was still small and we added an IKEA Pax Wardrobe which was not small but it allowed us to properly store and hide things which gave us the clutter-free appearance.

I’m also currently obsessed with the undone, messy linen bed look and found a really inexpensive options at IKEA! The black and white pillows were found at HomeSense and the other fun pillows were the most expensive textiles on there. The vintage one on the right was a splurge purchase at Shoppe (by Amber Interiors, my fave!) and the one on the left was from Bali! I love that little store and which I could go back and buy MORE pillows.


Shoe storage! So exciting and necessary because out of sight, out of mind with me so it was so nice to “shop” my shoes this way. Even though since I left a desk job I’m not wearing nearly as many heels, I haven’t gotten rid of them yet! Also – this mirror is a great steal from Home Depot – you can totally overspend on the exact same version but this one is great and a the best part, a great deal!  img_0707 img_0676


This Week

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to post one of these and it’s been quite the week over here! Since officially moving into our home last Friday, we’ve started the process of settling in and setting up our home and in all honesty – it’s been a bit of a blur! I totally underestimated the amount of work in a move but after a quick mani/pedi last evening, I’m slowly getting back to myself (having maintained nails are very important to feeling “myself”).  We’ve been lucky to have friends and family who have helped out along the way and it’s crazy to think that it’s now up to Andrew and I to maintain a proper household. It’s all super exciting and overwhelming at the same time. We sold a lot of our loft furniture so we’re look a little bare but we’re working on it. It will all take time, but confident it will all pay off. Normally we have some travel plans for the long weekend but we’re taking it easy, staying put, and working on the home – hope you have a good one!


:: A quick but necessary lunch at Rose and Sons to say goodbye to a special couple who are moving to NYC. Love the gold salt and pepper shakers! ::


:: Our “new” home is well over a hundred years old and has some great detail like these original doorknobs oh and popcorn walls which are… interesting? ::


:: A new addition – fell in LOVE with this rug and just knew it was the direction I wanted to go with our new living room or master bedroom – still tbd ::


:: Is having babies better than doggies? I’m still not sure but will soon find out! ::


:: Just a small portion of flowers our friends have brought over – thank you friends! ::





It’s a summer Friday friends and another week has passed – apologies for being a little more quiet than usual with the blog – life has been great but filled with many, exciting things! We officially sold our little loft this week which was bitter sweet but necessary for our next step as we move into our first home (which is really, really exciting for us).

This past week while installing some fresh new pillows at a client’s home, Laura and I noted how important it is to add texture in a room. It’s a great way to layer and add interest within a room and the space is noticeably different without it. Since it’s summer and the living is easy, breezy, I’m really into woven accessories for the home and lifestyle. I’ve rounded up several in the some wicked neutrals that can be easily added to any space or outfit.

ONE. // TWO. // THREE. // FOUR. // FIVE. // SIX. // SEVEN. // EIGHT. // NINE. // TEN.

have a great weekend!


Filling Blank Walls

Whenever A and I would move from rental to rental we didn’t really hesitate too much with filling the walls with holes and art. That changed when we moved into our first owned space, our current place, our little loft! With the high ceilings, we had plenty of space to fill with frames, art and other exciting things yet it took us so long to decide on what exactly. One wall in our Kitchen/Living area was the hardest decision because it was such a large scale and we really wanted to put something unique up there. Not having a huge budget for amazing art, we had to get creative. To be clear, we will have been here 3 years in October so we waited a long time. We considered a mural but I have a love/hate relationships with them and couldn’t commit. I also do love white walls, I mean I lived with them for so long, but it did feel a little bare. So on my trip to Marrakech – I knew JUST the thing to fill the space. Without having access to much wifi while being there – I made the executive decision and just hoped A would be on board.

The Inspiration: 

During one of our styling workshops, we were working on this one room and I just loved how colourful, unique and playful the woven baskets were on the wall. In this moment, I realized it’s the perfect solution for our blank wall at home! I added those babies to my shopping list when we were heading to the medina.


The Install:

When installing something of such grand scale to the wall, I knew I wanted to have an idea of placement so I traced and cut out the circles so we could try them on the wall.

IMG_0725 DSC_0155 DSC_0157 DSC_0158

My cute handyman.

The End Result:

DSC_0212 DSC_0214 DSC_0213

So my advice, if you’re filling some blank walls would be: Wait as long as you can! You never know what your next trip will inspire you to do and you’ll have a truly unique look.


Knock, Knock

Living in a building like we do, we do not have the luxury to change the exterior of our front door. In fact, there are rules about making any slight changes to our front doors (we break the rules sometimes and add a wreath during the holidays). I can’t wait to one day be a homeowner and decide what our door statement will be. There really are endless options of statements to be made! Some may say that depending on your location (neighbourhood or streets) should dictate your door but I disagree. I think the more unique the better!

Doors 1 – Neutral and Chic – I love this door, well, I love this whole exterior, but this door is so simple yet so pretty. You don’t often see doors with vertical slabs of wood like that but it’s now in my back pocket for when we do have a door.

2 – Bright and Bold – Not for everyone but so fun and yet classy.

3 – Beachy and Modern – I wish we lived closer to a beach because I love this door so very much and would replicate it in a heartbeat.

4 – Iron and Glass – My new obsession with doors! Love that it offers a greenhouse feel yet still so chic.

5 – Traditional and Classic – This door looks like it’s straight outta London and I love it. Also – Topiary should frame every door!

6 – Clean and Modern – I love the simplicity of this door situation, and the yellow is so happy.

Sources // 1 / / 2 / 34 / 5 / 6


Interior Inspiration // Let the light in


Well hello there! I hope you had a nice long weekend and perhaps you are enjoying the final day of Easter today. Last week was a doozy for me – feeling blue would be putting it lightly! Feeling under the weather and the lack of sunshine was a real bummer yet Saturday thankfully brought some sunshine for the weekend and it felt so nice and lively to be out and about. A and I had a super relaxing weekend, perhaps one of the most relaxing that I can remember having which was really nice. Back to gray days today however there’s sun in the forecast for the remainder of the week which has my head up 🙂 Oh and this place – check this home out. It’s incredible. I love the neutral palette, the design as well as their many treasures from their travels. To read more about this couple (I want to befriend this girl) click here FJXF0002 FJXF0055 FJXF0035 FJXF0106_1 FJXF0101 FJXF0346 FJXF0129 FJXF0527 FJXF0118 FJXF0312 FJXF0278 FJXF0337 FJXF0136 FJXF0170 FJXF0156 FJXF0239 FJXF0215 FJXF0179 Completely obsessed.

Images via Apartment Therapy // Photography by Emily Billings // Design by Melissa Miranda


Interior Inspiration // Bright and Bohemian

Did you watch The Hills? I sure did, loved it! It was fun to watch the girl’s lives unfold or breakdown (Heidi!). Reality TV at it’s best! When it came to the cast, my favourite character often changed throughout the seasons. I loved Lo, she seemed like a good friend and sure of herself, there was the likeable Lauren yet I never clicked with Audrina, but Whitney was always my number one. She was chic, mature, fun and smart!  So when Lonny shared an updated screen room that she worked on with Joss & Main and I saw how pretty it was, I was immediately inspired.  It’s a little more colourful than where my eye usually tends to go but I’m into it and it’s getting me excited for warmer brighter days ahead. Take a peek below: Whitney1

I’m typically a neutral type of girl when it’s comes to paint and wall but I love this splash (literally, a splash of water!) of colour and when paired with a lot of neutrals it’s bliss.  Whitney2

This ottoman has me kicking myself for not bringing one back from marrakech! In my current space, I could not handle another item on our floor but I should have been thinking about the future – I’ll just have to go back!!


Looooove the round mirror – installing one in our home this weekend, can’t wait!

Whitney4 Whitney5 Whitney6 Whitney7 Whitney8

Dying for a grasshopper floor lamp!

Whitney9 Whitney10

Image source and to view additional images of her space, click here.

Photography by none other than Tessa Neustadt.


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