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It’s about time that I get around to sitting down and writing this out considering we’re halfway through July. I just love Summer, it literally brings a smile to my face each day I step outside and I try to make the most of it year after year. We have a lot going on this summer but will still try to squeeze in other fun and laid back items.  I often carry lists in my head or in my notes section of my phone but I’ve been taught that if you share your list or goals with the universe – they are more likely to happen.

  1. As many dinners al fresco as possible – this will be all the more easy when we move into our new place with a backyard (eeee!)
  2. Experience an outdoor movie – complete with a blanket and some sort of delicious beverage in replace of my usual wine.
  3. Island day with friends – it’s such a cool feature to Toronto and we definitely don’t visit it enough.
  4. Move to new neighbourhood – well this is happening but I threw it on here anyhow.
  5. Dock day at the cottage – our days are limited up north this summer but I would love to dedicate one full day on the water.
  6. Round of golf with Andrew – it’s sad that this has to be on the checklist and isn’t just a thing we normally do but we’ll make it happen.
  7. Make a signature mocktail for the summer – I miss booze, I miss booze a lot but it does help when enjoying something more interesting than flavoured water.
  8. Travel to France – this is also totally happening and it’s oh so very exciting. Taking any recommendations for Paris!
  9. Start the baby’s nursery – Time seems to be flying and as soon as we are in the new place it’s taking the first priority! I have some ideas floating around but it will be good to put those into action.
  10. Go to Ed’s Real Scoop for some ice cream – I’m guessing they won’t have these ridiculous line ups the other trendy ice cream places have on the regular. I’m looking at your Sweet Jesus and Bang Bang!


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