DSC_0058 For those of you that know me personally may agree that I tend to shop. A lot. This year however I’ve really pulled in the reigns and been considering this capsule wardrobe that many other bloggers have inspired me to think about. Although I know that I’m not the type of girl who can live off of 20 items in her closet, I can stand behind buying less, more quality goods. There are far too many times where I will see those fake leather sandals at the low, low price of $14.95 and I’ll go for it but am now realizing that I just end up tossing them after a season. “Fewer, Better things”  – Cuyana

In the effort to downsize as well as the exciting changing of the seasons, I hosted my annual closet swap this weekend and wanted to share a couple key steps in case you want to host your own! It’s a great excuse to get together and enjoy some cocktails.

Step 1: Be ruthless in your closet – I really only do a major purge once a year and as you can tell my closet above, I needed it! Put some time limits on things you don’t want to give away right now but aren’t sure if you will wear again. Give them a second chance but there is a deadline!

DSC_0061 Step 2: Serve a fun, themed cocktail! This year I went with Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail shared by non other than Martha Stewart! My LCBO was out of the Rose and so I used the Blanc and it still tasted delicious. 
DSC_0076 DSC_0063 DSC_0072

Step 3: Serve light snacks. Luckily I have some handy friends who know how to make stove top popcorn (I don’t have a microwave and the only party about it I miss is the popcorn). My friend Kimmy also helped with tea sandwhiches – with all of the parties I’ve ever hosted I’ve never made them and Kimmy helped spread some good tips (like salting the cucumber before placing in the sandwich).


DSC_0071 DSC_0065

Step 4 : Invite your girlfriends! It’s always nice to gather and catch up over cocktails while shopping. It’s literally my idea of a perfect Saturday!

DSC_0080 And that’s wrap for this year!


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