Nope – I’m not going anywhere sunny yet! But if I was being completely honest, my long-weekend spent at home in Ottawa was very sunny which was more than appreciated amidst the cold weather. I’m choosing to surround myself with all things sunny because well, why not in times of dire need? Even though I won’t be packing my bags for a little bit (heading to Florida for a quick jaunt in March) I like to make my lists far in advance. Nude coloured underwear is something I always seem to forget and I almost never take the time to purchase an underwater camera before I depart but the one time I did, it was so fun and well worth it! If you’re heading down south, (lucky you!) I highly encourage you to pack one.
Sunny Skies
1. Panama Hat – Hats can be somewhat annoying to travel with since you can’t place them in your luggage but are totally worth it when you can sit in the sun all day long.
2. Tunic – Imperative! If you’re anything like me, you don’t feel proper eating in your bather.
3. Straw Tote – This is a very basic necessity but don’t go too close to the water – I did with mine and now it’s completely stretched out. Good thing they re-stock it year after year.
4. Cards – When you have nothing but time, these are perfect for playing solo or with your beau.
5. Nude Underwear – I guess in the winter we are rarely wearing our whites but last time I was in Mexico I totally forgot about packing this necessity.
6. Sunscreen – Don’t forget your sunscreen! I’m really bad at this step since I always want a tan so badly but one too many burns has changed my ways.
7. Waterproof Camera – Like I said – do it!
8. Sunnies – Gotta love a good tortoise shell, these Karen Walkers are on my wishlist for summer.


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