Although the scrunchie is more scarce than ever, (confession: I have one that I use time to time, it was from Jacob Jr. and I just can’t let go) the idea that they could effortlessly tie your hair up without leaving a line on your freshly washed mane is an idea that I can get behind. Enter, scrunchie 2.0 or more simply known as, hair ties. I love these ties for the same reason I loved scrunchies, they provide a light hold for up-dos while adding a hint of colour and again, don’t provide you with nasty ring around your head when you take your hair down. If you’re anything like me, your hair is up one minute and down the next. Obviously, J.Crew carries them in the perfect shades of Summer Solids and Fall Neutrals.

hair ties

::J.Crew – $12.50 per pack::

hair ties2


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