This may seem really basic if you’re someone that has a green thumb but I learned something when I was transferring my plant into a new pot and thought to myself – I never knew that! Do other people know that?

I visited my local florist, Crown Flora to pick out a pot for my little plant. I had never been to their store before and had been following them for a while on Instagram and was just dying to see what their space was like. It was as white, bright and cute as I imagined and had lots of great pot options. I had picked up my plant from IKEA a while back and although it is probably not the best place to be purchasing your plants I didn’t want to risk killing an expensive one. I do have two fiddle fig plants that are now thriving after being on the verge of death!  Succulent So after picking up my plant, and finding a pot that I liked I thought I was set to go! Just chatting with the lady at the store, I thought I should check if there’s a step that I’m missing or if its as simple as plopping the plant from one pot to another.  DSC_0008 Well good thing I asked! The pot that I had chosen, didn’t have any holes at the bottom for ventilation and therefore if I overwatered the plant (which embarrassingly enough, I have done), it could sit and rot in water of the pot and inevitably die. So she suggested I pick up some rocks to create an area at the bottom of my pot where the water can sit and the plant can drink up if needed.  DSC_0011

So once you’ve created a little layer of rocks it is now as easy as plopping the plant from one pot to the other. DSC_0013 DSC_0017 And there we have it – my little plant is finally out of the ugly plastic pot it came in and looking pretty. I followed the direction on the sticker for the dimensions of the plant’s new home and it looks a bit small but hoping that it survives!


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