Well, it’s officially that time of year – gift giving time! I’m a big fan of giving gifts. I love the feeling of having that special something for someone, wrapping it up nice and wearing a big grin while handing it over. I can however, forego the malls, oh the horrible malls. Which brings me to how I am doing my Christmas shopping this year and you guessed it – online! It’s perfect, no line ups, no “others” and you can do it all while listening to your fave tunes. So online shopping we are going, but how are you going to find that really cool, no one has it type of gift? Gift Guides are pumped out to the masses by the millions but really, most of them include skyrocket prices and really aren’t that different. Well, this year I’m turning to Etsy! Yes, Etsy is perfect for finding that one of a kind gift again, from the comfort of your own home.
It really got my thinking about how not only is it convenient for me but it’s also a great feeling as you are helping other small businesses and artisans so in essence, you are really paying it forward! There are thousands of options that are most fitting for the women in your life, your bestie, your mom or sister-in-law! These are just some of the items I found that would be suitable for any female on your list and you can be certain no gift receipt is required. Unique, awesome and pretty – what more could you ask for in a gift? So, if you aren’t already an Etsy shopper, than consider this my gift to you! Happy Shopping.

1. Porcelain Branch Ring Bowl – The perfect little dish to place your rings, it’s almost like jewellery itself!
2. Rosemary Natural Organic Soap – Perfect for the washroom that will leave your power room scented alsmost as if you have a candle present.
3. Gold Dipped Milk Glass Vase – I’m going through a milk glass phase yet I don’t own any yet! Etsy has a great curated selection if you don’t frequent the flea market or antique stores.
4. Three Ranunculus Print – This is perfect for anyone that loves framing photos and or is working on a gallery wall, *cough* like myself!
5. Chevron Hanging Succulent Planter in Porcelain – Super cute for anyone’s place especially for those that don’t have space for a terrarium
6. Arrow Rings – Dainty jewellery is here to stay and these rings in three different metals are perfect – one for a gift, and one for yourself!


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  1. Jessica
    November 28, 2013 at 11:10 am (4 years ago)

    Love this 🙂 What are some of your favourite Etsy shops? I’m always so overwhelmed!


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