Holy cow, we’re now at the end of November and it’s feeling more and more like the holidays every day. Do the Holidays stress you out? They don’t typically stress me out however since part of my job is to shop and I’ve been in and out of stores almost everyday, I find the stores and malls are making me more anxious around this time of year. The quantity of inventory they are ramming in the stores and all the excess is overwhelming! I really do love the holidays and try to remind myself daily that it’s not about “things” and more about the spirit!

Anyways, before we get to Holiday Gift Guides, I thought I would do one last instalment for 2015 (whaatt?) of my current vibes. I’ve been dressing in a lot of black lately and it’s really showing through my selection I made for this month. Velvet! I’m currently obsessed with velvet and it reminds me of my high school semi-formals but I still love it!

November Vibes

1 – This velvet settee is to die for! Clearly, I don’t have any space for it but if I did… perhaps for a luxurious dressing room, it’s a dream. (psst – I had to look up what settee mean and here is the definition: a long upholstered seat for more than one person, typically with a back and arms.

2 – Saying I love these suede tie up heels from Alexandre Birman is an understatement. I want them bad.

3 – As you know, I love all the small little details of things and this love goes all the way to the bathroom. I spotted this hand soap dispenser in Zara Home and just adore the luxe feel.

4 – One thing I do like about cooler weather are all the fun hats you can wear and even hide that bad hair day you are having. This one looks so cozy.

5 – Hosting dinners coming up to the holidays is a common theme and napkin rings are a great way to step up your table setting game. These unique wooden ones are pretty.

6 – Back to the velvet! Can’t get enough – I’d love to try this top on because I cannot pull off a true crop top but if my pants are high-waisted enough, I can get away with it.

7 – UGH – THIS TOP has me spinning in circles – it’s now sold out in black which is a sin and I even called their customer service (which was a bit of a joke) to try and locate it in a store. Fingers crossed it comes back!

8 – Slouchy chic anyone? The look of these is fab even when paired with heels.

9 – I was so sad to miss Garance Dore when she toured with Club Monaco to promote her new book. I would have loved to have met her (everyone said she was so lovely!) but I do really want her book and am definitely adding it to my Christmas list.

10 – This bench is so chic, practical and perfect. I finally visited EQ3 which is right in my neighbourhood and spotted it.


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