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So it’s safe to say that “I’ve popped” as the saying goes. For weeks, months, it appeared more like a burger and or beer belly before a pregnancy belly which was not chic. I’ve been feeling great and I’ve been enjoying the summer like no other but one thing I’m not Mclovin’ right now is the maternity style. I thought I would be all over it – loose and flowy yet I’ve never missed high-waisted jeans more in my life and I NEVER thought that I would be wishing for a waistband. We always want what we can’t have, right? I mean, I love the oversized mens shirt as the next girl but perhaps I’m mostly struggling with the fact that I just have less options and have to make it work. No one wants to invest a ton into the clothing that you’re going to wear for a couple months. I did succumb to the maternity pants and or shorts and they have been really great. I wanted to share some info that I discovered when purchasing them!


So there are two types of bands – the short type that essentially is a large elastic band where your traditional waistband goes and then theres the large belly band. I vote large belly band. I just like you feel totally covered (I’ve never been a show your midriff type person, all the power to you if you are) but you don’t have to be as concerned about reaching and sharing your belly with the world. It is however an extra layer that can be way warmer in the summer months.


There are two types of larger belly bands – one that start right way from the pockets and don’t even present to have a waistband – and then there are some, like the example above that d have a little button and a gap to sorta stuff your shirt in. I love half-tucking a shirt so these have my name written all over them. These are actually from a brand name Mamalicious (terrible name if you ask me) and found they are reasonably priced and made stylish jeans. They’re a British brand but I purchased my shorts from this amazing maternity store here in Toronto and found some jeans through ASOS DSC_0011

Oh and I’ve hopped onto the choker trend – I just went to Michaels and bought a piece of suede string and called it a day.  DSC_0010 DSC_0016


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