Phew! Well, that was fun! What a whirlwind/most amazing time ever. I landed home late Sunday night and it’s been a couple days of getting some rest and stepping back into reality. Perhaps a little longer of a break from the blog than I had intended but I was really going with the flow. Last week was unreal in so many ways and I cannot wait to show you the magic we created but first I want to start peppering some loveliness from Australia first!


This outfit isn’t all that awesome but I just LOVE the top I picked up. There are a couple of stores I discovered while shopping there that I adored. Shopping overseas these days, dare I say, are a bit boring now. With online shopping and international shipping, you can really get whatever you want! But what I love about Country Road, Witchery and Seed is that unless you read Australian magazines or have secret intel, you wouldn’t really know about them! But they do ship to Canada so I hope to see more of them 🙂  DSC_0039

You may be thinking to yourself – that seems a bit overdressed for Australia? But the weather changes at the drop of a hat and it’s always best to layer. We were heading to dinner and the National Gallery of Victoria (for a super cool Andy Warhol and Ai Wei Wei exhibit might I add) this evening so not knowing what the air con was going to be like, I toted my leather jacket in case.  DSC_0047 DSC_0061 DSC_0069 DSC_0079


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