Mother's Day 2015

Oy have I ever been MIA! Sorry friends – I’ve been travelling and just catching up with life. I went to the Kentucky Derby last weekend which was in a word, AMAZING and I can’t wait to share some pics with you in my Travel Chapter next week. Also, Spring is amazing isn’t it? cherry blossom’s are filling up my insta feed (not complaining) and it feels fantastic to walk outside without a coat. I’m falling in love with our city all over again.

Well, it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday and I figured I would share my last-minute gift guide before I hit the road to see my mom. It’s funny because I guess as you get older – gifts for your mom and your own wishlist kinda meld into the same category, right? I remember the days where I would have to think long and hard about what a good gift for her would be but now it’s basically my wishlist. Funny how that is.

1. I love a good tote and this one is just screaming for a sun hat and towel to hit the beach.

2. Give your mom some love and have her skin glow with Ta Ta Harper’s Love Potion. It’s chalk full of essential oils. I’m omitting the fact that they are also aphrodisiacs because that could get weird with mom but anywho…

3. A beautiful scarf that she will have forever and ever! I mean this one here is a bit of a spend but when you think of it, Hermes is always an investment and your mom deserves it.

4. A fun new print for her office, gallery wall or bedroom. Prints are all the rage right now and even though art is supposed to be personal, sometimes its nice to receive something a little more out of the box than what you would normally go for.

5. A custom monogrammed pillow. Ok so we may have missed the boat on the order but there’s seriously nothing better than a customized gift.

6. A bottle of her favourite wine – this bottle of Masi happens to be my mom’s fave and we don’t pay her a visit without one in tow.

7. Some sweet slides. There’s really nothing more chic than black, gold and calf hair in a sandal.

8. Gorgeous sunnies and I’m completely biased because I purchased these myself (after my mother-in-law did) and now I just think everyone should have them because they are so fab.

9. A candle will always be on my gift guides – forever and always because I just love to receive candles as gifts and think others do too. I could be wrong here but you can’t go wrong with the luxurious Diptyque Roses candle.

10. And well, since this is a last minute gift guide and sometimes it’s perfect to let her decide, you can always pick up a gift card for mom at Indigo because there’s no way she won’t find something there.


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