I hope you had a nice weekend! Even though I was solo, it was nice to see some of my friends while enjoying the scene at TURF – it was a really awesome music festival. A lot of artists which I didn’t know but have come to like which is always a goal of any festival for me.

Well, back to another work week and I’m starting this one off with a little wanderlust. One of my favourite things about travelling is decor and home inspiration. Since I’m all about “the mix” with interior design, I don’t feel the need to commit to one style or aesthetic per se. I love how you can pair items from all over the world (in a strategic way of course)! One destination that is currently on my mind is Morocco. It seems so magical and mysterious to me! It fits perfectly into my new obsession with “dark bohemian” and I’ve been injecting some Moroccan vibes into my lifestyle as much as possible.

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Morocco seems like the perfect place to day dream and get lost in the senses which is also what I like to do at the spa. My favourite spa in the city is the Miraj Hammam Spa simply because it’s like taking a mini trip. Everything is detailed exquisitely while not feeling overly pretentious. It’s comfortable, cozy and relaxing, just how a spa should feel.

_DSC0241 _DSC0262 _DSC0389

This time, I tried the Hammam and Gommage treatment which was unreal. You first step into a small chamber for a high-intensity steam and then you lay down on the marble while someone exfoliates every little bit of your bod. You definitely have to be comfortable with someone getting close and personal with you but I’ve never felt more refreshed leaving a spa. Every inch of you is exfoliated, even those hard to reach places!  _DSC0349 After every treatment there you are given the most delicious mint chai tea and baklava while you can relax in their lounge and read, nap or just chill.


While I was there, I also received a pedicure and it was so great that I even walked away with a foot lotion. I never really moisturize my feet (or traditionally walk away with items purchased from the spa) yet with the colder months upon us, I figured it would be a good time to start. I definitely recommend heading to the Miraj Hammam spa as we transition into fall – nothing like rejuvenating your skin and mind before tackling a new season! Oh and maybe for some decor inspiration as well.


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