I think it’s exactly around this time of year that the winter blues really do set in. Spring clothing is in the window yet cities (sorry NYC!) are being shut down due to the snow and it’s a bit of an icky period for all. Well, friend and fellow holiday aficionado, Ashley Bartlett of Quaintrelle.ca decided that it was high time we sat down, caught up (because texting doesn’t really count) and shared a sweet treat while celebrating Valentine’s Day! Neither of us take the holiday too seriously as we are both believers that it’s meant to be light and fun. Sugar, flowers and sentiments of love will brighten any grey winter day, surely.
heart day 1

Ashley whipped up the icing for our miniature heart-shaped cakes.  heart day 2

Conversation cookies from Colette Grand Cafe. Hot Tip – their croissants are also one of the best in the city. I like to call myself a croissant expert (I’ll share a post on that soon!)

heart day 3 Our adorable cake that we made…not shown are the missteps along the way but we were overall happy with the end result.

heart day 4 Since we wanted to set our table in such a way – we added some adornments and flowers to really set the mood.

heart day 5

Added a little Veuve, because well hey – it’s the weekend!

heart day 6 heart day 7 heart day Love Paperweight, Marble Heart Shaped Box and Heart Lock Paperweight- West Elm

Heart shaped plates – Williams – Sonoma 

Tea Cups and Pot – Indigo

Florals by – Midge Flower Designs


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