Leather has always been a part of my wardrobe. I remember the first pair of leather pants I ever owned were given to me on my sweet-sixteen birthday. I thought I was so cool and the pants were really cool. If only I still fit into them. I tried googling the Gap ads to give you a point of reference but this was so long ago that nothing was to be found online. Needless to say, I’ve always been very fond of leather and it randomly brings back memories of my family – we all owned leather jackets and Danier was our go-to place for the purchase. You just knew that you were getting a good grade of leather and at this point, they didn’t have too many trendy pieces so they were fairly priced. In the past I’ve made some great purchases from Danier and people were often surprised that the find was made there. Well, recently they launched their Spring Lookbook and it’s nothing short of fabulous. They pair some pieces that I honestly wouldn’t have put together and make them look so great that I actually want to purchase them all. Case and point below – I’ve pulled my favourite looks – seriously?



Images via Danier.ca


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