Ahhh we’re almost there friends, yes the long weekend is so close I can feel it!

It feels like it’s been a long haul since our last one. This weekend Andrew and I are going to our venue’s tasting which is really exciting! I’ve heard great things about Chef and seeing the linens are really going to help solidify my vision. Then we head up north and although the temperature isn’t ideal, I’m still looking forward to the fresh air. I’ve created my packing list for the weekend and I figured I would share in case you are running home to pack yourself and could use a little guidance. Cheers to the weekend!  May Long 1. Hudson Bay Beach Towel – so, as I’ve mentioned previously, you’re probably not going to be jumping in the lake (if you are, I think you’re nuts – it JUST melted) BUT you may want to lie out in the sun with some light layers.

2. Cuyana Leather Tote – I’ve shared it before and I’ll share it again – the perfect carry all no matter how far your travels are.

3. Bose Mini Bluetooth Speaker – Long gone are the speakers with the docks since everyone has different generations of phones these days – this speaker packs a lot of punch and is the perfect travel size!

4. Madewell Indio Shades – Can you hear “Here comes the sun” from The Beatles playing right now?

5. A book! – It doesn’t have to THIS book but it’s the perfect time to catch up on your read.

6. Light kicks – I think it may be too chilly for sandals but lighten up the look with a white flat like the classic Converse Chuck Taylors.

7. I do not own these pants but they have been on my list since last winter and one day they will be mine. Combining luxury and comfort – there’s just no better way to chill.

8. Hopefully there won’t be a need for a scarf but this one says sweater and cozy all in one.

9. When you have nothing but time – it’s the perfect opportunity to paint your nails. I’m a huge fan of this red.

10. WINE! I’m still in a Chianti phase from my trip to Tuscany last year but really, any kind will do.



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