Living in a building like we do, we do not have the luxury to change the exterior of our front door. In fact, there are rules about making any slight changes to our front doors (we break the rules sometimes and add a wreath during the holidays). I can’t wait to one day be a homeowner and decide what our door statement will be. There really are endless options of statements to be made! Some may say that depending on your location (neighbourhood or streets) should dictate your door but I disagree. I think the more unique the better!

Doors 1 – Neutral and Chic – I love this door, well, I love this whole exterior, but this door is so simple yet so pretty. You don’t often see doors with vertical slabs of wood like that but it’s now in my back pocket for when we do have a door.

2 – Bright and Bold – Not for everyone but so fun and yet classy.

3 – Beachy and Modern – I wish we lived closer to a beach because I love this door so very much and would replicate it in a heartbeat.

4 – Iron and Glass – My new obsession with doors! Love that it offers a greenhouse feel yet still so chic.

5 – Traditional and Classic – This door looks like it’s straight outta London and I love it. Also – Topiary should frame every door!

6 – Clean and Modern – I love the simplicity of this door situation, and the yellow is so happy.

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