I can’t believe it’s July! Perhaps because I was away for Canada Day and didn’t ring in the month how I usually do or perhaps because time flies when you’re having fun? Either way I’m trying to soak up every warm day and long evenings. Here’s what I’m feeling this month in terms of vibes:

July Vibes


ONE: I love this striped T from Madewell – it’s so simple, not overly innovative but a classic. I’m also obsessed with linen T’s.

TWO: I’ve had my eye on a skirt like this for a while now, at first I was thinking denim but this suede one had me at hello..

THREE: This black wooden, chic house has me wanting a home of my own REAL BAD.

FOUR: Really into this song – moody yet light with a strong female vocal.

FIVE: Obsessed with this mirror – dying to use it either for a client OR my front entrance.

SIX: I’m normally a fan of simple white towels yet these striped ones have me thinking otherwise.

SEVEN: A new restaurant in Parkdale that I’m excited to try.

EIGHT: A playful new pattern from Coach that is inspired by skate culture  – so cool and fun!

NINE: While looking for a client’s kitchen light, I came across this pendant and just wish I had a place for it.

TEN: I came across this neat store in Edinburgh and clearly couldn’t bring home this ottoman with me but I’m hoping to place an order for it soon – you can customize the colour in either cotton or velvet and even use a different colour for your tufted buttons!


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