This year is seriously off to a great start. I don’t want to jinx it considering we’re ony in the middle of week two (ha!) however the stars seem to be aligning for all the right reasons. I kind of, sort of, feel like I’m dreaming and am constantly asking myself if this is real life. Not to sound too preachy here, but it really does seem that life has a way of bringing things to you when you make yourself open and available to it. DSC_0159

:: This is the cutest little cafe, coffee shop called Kettle Black and unfortunately it was closed when we showed up but still admired it from the outside ::

Settling back in at home after a long trip always tends to take a little while. The unpacking (the worst), the laundry, the grocery trip to restock on essentials however this return was a little more complicated. We had an extra lag on our trip en route home with a connection so close that we were warned we may not even be able to make it so immediately I was concerned for our baggage but what can you do? We thankfully made it, but the baggage didn’t. They didn’t make it to our home until 5 days later, which was a major bummer however, they made it in the end which is all that really matters anyhow. I also brought home a really annoying cold that I’m still trying to kick (I’ve heard it was going around over the holidays).

DSC_0156 So back to stars aligning, I’m currently back in LA for work and are decorating a client’s loft in Hollywood. My partner, Laura and I are taking it on together and we are super excited! I mean, what is better than leaving the snow behind for palm trees? What’s even better is that we get to make some magic while we here!


When I’m back home, I’m excited to get back to posting on the reg (sorry I’ve been MIA but I’m more inspired than ever to get back here at LRB!) and really get back into the swing of things. Until then my friends!


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