Leslie-29 This past weekend, A and I had some painting to do in our little loft. We had been talking about “doing it” for a while yet it just kept getting pushed further and further down on our list. We finally said no to joining friends at a local beer festival (still sorta sad about that – heard it was a blast!) and set aside the proper time (as well as enlisting some help from my dad!) to complete the task. It was way more work than I expected (our first time really painting) and I can’t wait to sharing the whole process with you once it’s complete. Needless to say, I can appreciate how much work is required to achieve an all-white space. I came across this beautiful studio on such a timely manner (I’m currently in the Vancouver airport waiting for my flight to Victoria) and this beautiful studio also happens to be in Victoria!


While I am still ways away from ever owning my own studio it’s one of my career goals for sure. I’d LOVE to have a space to work (hopefully with colleagues one day) and create, meet with clients and have Mackie by my side through it all.  Leslie-30

This is Leslie Shewring’s studio space and feel she just nailed the white space while injecting just the right amount of colour and life with her plants.
Leslie-9 Leslie-4 Leslie-28h Leslie-13

LOVE THIS CHAIR! Leslie-20 Leslie-32

All photos via Decor8 Blog.


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