I’m back! Apologies for the delay but as I’ve already shared, we received our little bundle of joy a little sooner than expected and it feels like it’s been a little game of survival and life catch up since then. I’m now aiming to be back to semi-regular programming.

I’ve never spent more time in my home. I mean, we’ve only technically been in our space for three months but I’ve physically never been “at home” for this length of time and it’s a real eye opener! Even though I semi-work from home, I’m also always out shopping (love!) or meeting with people or even just eating out more so that’s one little life adjustment I’m working on. I’m enjoying it but it’s also making me want to work on our home ten fold. People always mention “nesting” before giving birth and I attempted to but with work and focusing on the nursery, not much of the rest of the home has been touched and now I’m spinning¬†in my head visions and ideas and it’s driving me mad not being able to execute! I promised myself that when moving into our home that I would focus on room by room and not just do little pieces of a room at a time which has also been a real test of patience. For the short term, I’ll be day dreaming but there’s no shortage of inspiration online and I found a new website that I can’t stop scrolling through. The Socialite Family – a sample of smart and cool families (such a good subtitle right?!). When working with clients, or chatting with friends, I hear all too often that people are afraid to spend money on their homes while having children. “They’ll swing from the chandelier! They’ll tear that shelving unit down!” are things I’ve actually heard so when I come across a family that have a child AND a stylish interior, I’m in love. I came across this uber cool family from nowhere other than Paris with an amazing Haussmann apartment and loved their eclectic mix. Velvet furnishing including dining room chairs, brass, prints, interior mouldings galore (no surprise here, being in Paris), records and a sweet little 2 year-old. Scroll down for some major mix inspo!



sf_livingroom4 sf_livingroom3 sf_diningroom sf_livingroom7 sf_livingroom6 sf_diningroom2
sf_diningroom4 sf_livingroom5

all images via The Socialite Family.


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