jessie-randall-loeffler-randall-house-tour-680x850 I love this girl – she has ultimate coolness, a wicked designer whose items I tend to covet season after season and well, her home is a stunner. Fun fact: while in NYC I was attempting to look for their store and was brought to their head office and waited outside perhaps a little longer than necessary to see if she would appear! Not creepy right?? A Cup of Jo (a blog that I follow daily) shared Jessie’s home last week and I was just pumped to share it here. Since I fully support everything she’s done with her space. jessie-randall-loeffler-randall-kitchen-680x850 jessie-randall-loeffler-randall--680x850 I’m a big advocate of white washing a place making it bright and airy (as she did). I find it makes even the smallest bits of colour really pop. Take that cute embroidered pillow for example, your eyes are simply drawn to it.    loeffler-randall-house-tour-living-room-680x850 Even though A and I are really happy and still working on our current loft, we’ve talked abut that time when we will have a home and we hope for the opportunity to do our own renovation to really make it into what we want. That’s still a long ways away but it gets me a little excited at times. jessie-randall-living-room-680x850 jessie-randall-living-room--680x850 The mantle dreams are made of!  jessie-randall-loeffler-randall-living-room-680x850 jessie-randall-loeffler-randall-bedroom-680x850 jessie-randall-house-tour-brooklyn-loeffler-randall-680x850 jessie-randall-loeffler-randall-home-office-680x850 All photos via A Cup of Jo – head over to her post to read more about her home and cute family dinner time rules.


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