In our life goals, A and I own a second property. It hasn’t yet been fully decided on exactly where or what it will be (cottage, chalet etc.) but it’s in our goals and I’m really hoping it’s one that comes to fruition. Even though that’s years away, it’s still fun to day dream about. It’s also a little crazy to even ponder about the interior of another place when i’m still working on our first one but when I came across this beautiful cottage, I knew I had to save these images for my future place.

Simple and clean aesthetic that strays from the typical cluttered cottage look and of course I love the white walls.
WhiteCottage3 WhiteCottage4 WhiteCottage5

The barn door! Love the barn door.  WhiteCottage6 WhiteCottage7 WhiteCottage8

Footed bathtub – also in my life goals!
WhiteCottage9 WhiteCottage10 WhiteCottage11

A girl can dream, right?

Photography by Tara Striano // Design by James Huniford // via Lonny Magazine


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