Did you watch The Hills? I sure did, loved it! It was fun to watch the girl’s lives unfold or breakdown (Heidi!). Reality TV at it’s best! When it came to the cast, my favourite character often changed throughout the seasons. I loved Lo, she seemed like a good friend and sure of herself, there was the likeable Lauren yet I never clicked with Audrina, but Whitney was always my number one. She was chic, mature, fun and smart!  So when Lonny shared an updated screen room that she worked on with Joss & Main and I saw how pretty it was, I was immediately inspired.  It’s a little more colourful than where my eye usually tends to go but I’m into it and it’s getting me excited for warmer brighter days ahead. Take a peek below: Whitney1

I’m typically a neutral type of girl when it’s comes to paint and wall but I love this splash (literally, a splash of water!) of colour and when paired with a lot of neutrals it’s bliss.  Whitney2

This ottoman has me kicking myself for not bringing one back from marrakech! In my current space, I could not handle another item on our floor but I should have been thinking about the future – I’ll just have to go back!!


Looooove the round mirror – installing one in our home this weekend, can’t wait!

Whitney4 Whitney5 Whitney6 Whitney7 Whitney8

Dying for a grasshopper floor lamp!

Whitney9 Whitney10

Image source and to view additional images of her space, click here.

Photography by none other than Tessa Neustadt.


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