Australia is on my mind. Not only because my brother and wife live there but because we are planning a trip to visit them for the holiday season and I kinda, sorta just realized how close that really is! Frag-wide-1240x800

A and I were lucky enough to visit them a couple years back and I remember leaving that country and just adoring their sense of style. They have the ultimate cool girls, well in Melbourne anyways. Super laid back but put together and their skin always with a hint of sunshine. I also thoroughly remember their interior style. It’s often minimalist, a touch Scandinavian and always ultra cool. I came across the below home and after admiring the pictures, I’m sure you’ll see what I mean. This place is home to a designer which is not that surprising but what IS surprising is how they can make wood panelled walls cool.  Take a peek into a wicked home down under.

Frag-10-600x800 I love how cute and quaint this kitchen is. I’m constantly saying to myself how I want more room but seeing other spaces doing just fine is inspiring.

Frag-wide2-1240x800 Frag-3-600x800 Frag-4-600x800 Frag-11-600x800 Frag-8-600x800 Frag-wide3-1240x800 Frag-7-600x800

Images via The Design Files // Photography by Eve Wilson


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