Miami Beach Weekend

Well the weekend is here and we’re off to South Beach for a mini-getaway. Ironically, it’s also supposed to be beautiful at home however they don’t have the ocean! I love creating these “in my bag posts” because it’s such a great packing guide, I actually refer to previous posts to see what to bring and edit it. I’m constantly trying to become a better packer (serial over packer here) and feel that I’ve progressed slightly since my previous warm vacation trip! It’s all about letting go of options and sticking with the plan. Typically I stick to neutrals but the most adorb sandals have me in a more colourful direction.

1 – Cutest little head band – perfect for keeping back those flyaways and dressing up your standard pulled back in a pony look.

2 – Since we plan on doing very little, it’s always nice to add in a little game or two – preferably something you can do on the beach. Love these pretty paddles to work on your game.

3 – I’m in need of a new bather and since I’m committed to the one-piece, I love the little detail of the scallop here.

4 – Whenever I take in some sun I like to balance it with some serious hydration. I’m starting trying out this sheet mask which will hopefully transition my sunning into a little glow.

5 – This is a no brainer, pack your sunnies and I’m still happy with my Celine Caty’s.

6 – Consider this a PSA that there are some SUPER affordable and SUPER cute summer items at Old Navy. I literally haven’t stepped into a store since high school perhaps but these shorts brought me in, SO CUTE! Can’t wait to wear them.

7 – In the heat I always prefer a glass for some colour on the lips, not really sure why. Perhaps it’s the low maintenance part of perhaps it’s the more translucent part but either way, I love this Rosy colour from Bobbi Brown.

8 – These sandals are like fun on your feet! And with their fab price point, you can’t go wrong.

9 – I love Rhi Rhi, and I’m sad to have missed her tour in Toronto but I’m excited to catch up on her spread in April’s issue of Vogue.


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