It’s SUCH a beautiful day out there. When I was walking Mackie this morning, I was totally smiling and feeling the love from the sun. Even though we’ve had mild weather it’s always the lack of sunshine that gets me during these winter months. So today has me feeling more pumped than ever for our upcoming trip to Australia! The thoughts of visiting my brother and sister-in-law and soaking in some rays on a beach has my eye on the prize.

Speaking of beaches an sunshine, I’m constantly trying to inject some of those vibes in my home and one way that has me going lately is wicker! I remember growing up on our old street named Cottonwood (tell me that’s not a cute name for a street – oh the memories!) and we had these wicker chairs in our kitchen. I remember coming to age and thinking how terrible they were and I remember urging my mom to purchase new ones. And now I want them back. I don’t have a kitchen table yet or even a place to store them but I love the look of them again. It’s funny how trends come and go and for me, the wicker trend is back in full force. It feeds the bohemian part of me while also the minimalist. Sadly, I’m STILL working on my bedroom space – art takes a while, ya know? BUT a sneak peek of my latest install – these lampshades!!!! I’m super pumped to have them off the ground and hanging (finally…). I would link to them however they have since sold out online at – which by the way – is a wonderful resource for home decor. Sometimes the items need to be taken out of context to be appreciated but these shades were exactly what I was going for!

IMG_8710 Below are some more inspiration photos for modern wicker furniture if you aren’t feeling me on this one. These pictures depict what I’m talking about perfectly – wicker just isn’t for your patio – bring her in and let her stay a while.
Wicker 1

images above and below via Domino. Wicker2 Wicker 3

Image via Wicker 4

Image via Wicker 5

Image via wicker 6 Image via


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