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First things first – It’s FRIDAY! Normally I’m super pumped about the weekend ahead but this weekend, I’m solo while Andrew is away for a Bachelor Party so it whenever our team isn’t in full effect, it just isn’t as fun. Stella and I have made several fun plans however, so it’s not all that terrible around here.

Having been in our home for close to six months, we’re finally starting to tackle the office space and I have to tell you that I am more than excited. Laura and I have never had an actual dedicated office space before. We usually work from either our respective homes, coffee shops, or she kindly joins me at mine with Little Miss Stella so it will be SO nice to not work from the dining room table and have a constant little pile of items hanging around. The location of this room is a bit unusual as the nursery is directly beside it (sans door) but you’ll get a better idea when I share before and after photos. Another unusual part of this space is that the only junction box to install a light is on the wall. I love a good wall sconce but it’s rather odd not having ceiling light. In place of a ceiling light however, is a sky light which is very much appreciated as it’s the only source of natural light (and is also placed in the exact place the ceiling light would be).

ITEMS: Rug // Desk // Wall Sconce // Waste Basket // Task Lamp // Console Table // Shelving // Chair // Filing Cabinet // Box // Tape Dispenser 

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