I’m alive! I’m slowly coming out of a fog that was a terrible winter sickness and I have a new lease on life. The timing surrounding Christmas is never good to feel ill rather I was more concerned about missing our office party! I had been planning my outfit for a while and would have been sincerely saddened had I not been able to wear it. Luckily, it’s all looking up and the party is tomorrow!

Holiday wear – I have so many feelings about you. It’s easy, sequins, red and black are a good go-to and sure, add some fur or leather and you’re on trend however this year I was searching for something more. Something different. I wasn’t drawn to many of the dresses I saw in the stores or online but what I did find was this one adorable ad and an image of this one stylish lady.


image source: racked.com

It really only makes sense since she practically invented menswear as womenswear.
Needless to say, I’d never worn a bow tie and felt that this year was better than ever to try it. Now excuse me while I go watch a couple how-to videos on how to actually tie the thing…


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